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Aliexpress Affiliates for Virtuemart
GNU/GPL v2 or later
Digital Store
Joomla Component

I have looked for the internet and did not find any joomla component for virtuemart aliexpress affiliate service and have decided to develop completely new component for Joomla/ virtuemart component that virtuemart community can enjoy using this component.  

Aliexpress Affiliates component  for Virtuemart is used to import products from Aliexpress Into your Joomla/virtuemart ecommerce site. The Component can   create the site with specific aliexpress products.

You can easily import products from  Aliexpress. Once uploading process is completed, uploaded items will appear in your Virtuemart Products section admin panel .

The component uses  the Aliexpress official providers APIs.    

New update of he componenet has added many new functionality and design

it can now import:

- import multiple images            

- full description                                                         

- specific details

- all of the images of aliexpress product

- prices

 - Advanced Search

- Bulk Import aliexpress products

- Bulk Upload aliexpress products' images to virtuemart

- Quick editing custom titles and description

- Price, Sellers rating, Commissions sorting

- Sinchronizations of virtuemart products to Aliexpress products

- edit full description

- completel new design and look for better search

Please use for Backend demo access
username: test
password: test


Backend demo link

Frontend demo link: 



Aliexpress account setting

1.      Account setting 
You need to setup API Keys to work with platforms, or you can use our prepared key that initially set in the Setting.


Aliexpress products Search

You can looking for specific product using ProductId field. Also there are several search filters for Aliexpress: keywords, category, price range, total orders (last 30 days), feedback score, high quality items.



You can easily import products into Virtuemar using our built-in API key or use your own keys






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