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Webmoney payment gateway Plugin for Virtuemart
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Joomla Plugin

Webmoney payment gatewat plugin for Ecommerce site based on Joomla component Virtuemart 

 Installation Guides

1. Setting and configuring the parametrs in webmoney merchane page 

Please read the setting info merchant webmoney service here  http://www.wmtransfer.com/eng/merchants/index.shtml  

before installing the this plugin on your ecommerce site. 

Following parametrs must be used for merchant webmoney configuration site 


1.  the success , fail and notification urls can be empty . but

"Let to use URL sent in form" Checkbox must be checked that success, cancel and fail urls to be accepted by webmoney merchant service 

2. "Control sign forming method" must be set to SHA256

Please see below image



2. Installation and configuring the plugin

Please download the plugin in  our site 

Install the plugin for VirtueMart ​​through the extension manager.


after installion , please publish the plugin and 

go to the link 

Select Components – VirtueMart – Payment method – New


After saving the new payment method, go to the "configuration" tab and enter the webmoney purse credencials. please see the image

WMID is Webmoney merchant ID

Webmoney Purse is number which  will get the payments from the site. Make sure that the  purse has letter. As example: Z00000000000000

Secret key -- A string of characters that is added to the transfer details sent to the merchant in the notification. Only the merchant and the Merchant WebMoney Transfer service knows this secret key

Order Status -- is the status of the order after succesful payments accomlished by Webmoney Merchant Service




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